Annual Returns

I’ve heard this thing several times, wondering what it means. But I realised it is basically the CAC checking the pulse of a company to see if it is still alive. Because we are not accountants we won’t bother with the contents. They are there in section 370. Who? Everyone files annual returns, whether company […]

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The Interlocutories

Yep, I know it sounds like a cool band name (or not). There are loads of interlocutory applications like I said earlier but there a set of them known as INJUNCTIONS. Injunctions are equitable reliefs granted at the discretion of the court. Injunctions are mostly used to maintain the status quo and ensure that the decision […]

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Power of attorney for kids

Please don’t ask me what is up with this post title because I don’t even know what I’m tryna say other than the fact that you will understand the concept of POA more. Who is an attorney? An attorney is an agent. Who is an agent? I’m sure the answer to that is not far-fetched […]

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Anatomy of a deed

In property law, the aim is not to try to remember everything and make sure it gets mentioned at some point; there is an order to things. Also there is an importance attached to each part and a vital piece of information it conveys. Side note: imagine having the above clause in a deed, well […]

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Property 101

Wow I feel like I have neglected Property Law Practice whereas, (pun intended) it was one of my favourite courses in Law School. The first thing anyone who wants to succeed in property law practice needs, is an understanding of the deed. You find it almost everywhere you turn in property law. So the deed has […]

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