Default and Summary Judgement

Law suits can go on forever, now that you are on court externship, you’ll see cases that have been instituted as far back as 2009. This is 2017. The court rules provide for quick ways in which the claimant/plaintiff can get judgment while the defendant is forming unlooking, among other things. Default judgement: First off […]

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The incorporated company is a person at law, but we all know it has no brains, eyes, hands nor mouth to function like a natural person. The company functions through its organs:  the board and general meeting. These people are not less than 2 in number, therefore to decide for the company, they come together […]

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Questions on Company Directors

Prestige Chairs Ltd has 5 directors in the persons of John Paul, Michael Areu, Tolu Adio, Tola Ige and Femi Caps. The latter 2 were part of the first directors of the company while the others were appointed at the last AGM. To usher in its 10th anniversary on the 12th of August Prestige converted […]

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Company Directors

Pray tell, what comes to your mind when you think about directors? Those spending the company’s money, people that own the company? These descriptions are not quite true when it comes to the legal and practical aspect of running a company. Yes a director may be a member (i.e he owns shares) of the company […]

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