There is nothing to drafting an affidavit. It is basically you relaying the facts within your knowledge. But you have to get a person to do it. This person must be: Competent – take your mind back to Evidence law in Uni, remember everything you learnt about competency of a witness, it applies here. (We […]

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Charge and bail lawyer?

You will agree with me that the title is one of the most demeaning jabs at lawyers, I think people consider it the lowest of the lowest rung of legal work. I believe what is so unappealing about it is the rampant frolicking with law enforcement officials, the over-familiarity with magistrate court officials, the fact […]

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First things first

So you have probably had your orientation course and are familiar with the whole set up. Below are a few things I believe you should have at the back of your mind: Stick to the curriculum: Seriously, this is nothing like uni days where you read wide and hard, not knowing what angle the lecturers […]

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