Annual Returns

I’ve heard this thing several times, wondering what it means. But I realised it is basically the CAC checking the pulse of a company to see if it is still alive. Because we are not accountants we won’t bother with the contents. They are there in section 370. Who? Everyone files annual returns, whether company […]

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The incorporated company is a person at law, but we all know it has no brains, eyes, hands nor mouth to function like a natural person. The company functions through its organs:  the board and general meeting. These people are not less than 2 in number, therefore to decide for the company, they come together […]

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Questions on Company Directors

Prestige Chairs Ltd has 5 directors in the persons of John Paul, Michael Areu, Tolu Adio, Tola Ige and Femi Caps. The latter 2 were part of the first directors of the company while the others were appointed at the last AGM. To usher in its 10th anniversary on the 12th of August Prestige converted […]

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Let’s get registered!

Now that we know the kinds of companies that can exist in the CAMA, let’s make this CAC money and tension people be of help to our wonderful clients who are counting on us to give them our best services. When they ask you, mention the STEPS to take in registering a company, you have […]

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