First of all, no don’t go down low, some people say I leased my property while others say I rented my property. Both are right, but as a legal somebody, you ought to know that leases are above 3 years while tenancies are 3 years and below. Now that that is out of the […]

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There is nothing to drafting an affidavit. It is basically you relaying the facts within your knowledge. But you have to get a person to do it. This person must be: Competent – take your mind back to Evidence law in Uni, remember everything you learnt about competency of a witness, it applies here. (We […]

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The Interlocutories

Yep, I know it sounds like a cool band name (or not). There are loads of interlocutory applications like I said earlier but there a set of them known as INJUNCTIONS. Injunctions are equitable reliefs granted at the discretion of the court. Injunctions are mostly used to maintain the status quo and ensure that the decision […]

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Parties in Civil Litigation

When a matter is brought before a court, it is brought by Legal Persons (Whether real or artificial). Personhood is governed by law and largely along the following parameters. Age: It’s not like an infant is not a person but he or she cannot stand alone before the court. So the infant can sue or […]

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