Happy Externship!!!

I guess I’m late with this but YAAAAYYY! For me externship was a much needed break from the non-stop classes. I had the time to rest (yes, it’s okay to do this) read and revise. I also found it very eye-opening. Trust me, during this 3-month period you’ll see why they say ‘experience is the best teacher’. You get to see all those theories you learnt in class live in practice and then you understand some things better. Here are a few tips:

Do read: This is one of the biggest advantages of externship. I’ve heard  testimonies of people who didn’t understand Jack from weeks 1 -20 but really got to work during externship and did very well. Fill in all the loopholes and note the questions you want to ask your lecturers during revision week.

Do solve past questions: Hey! What are you doing without past questions. Of course it is not expo, but with pqs you learn how to answer questions which is very crucial to passing bar finals.

Don’t get into Campus wars: So you are going to be seeing people from other campuses and of course everyone wants to believe that their own campus is Supreme. Sometimes you guys have divergent views and you start saying ‘my own lecturer is the Oracle that DDG consults before setting question‘ ‘my lecturer made a 1st class‘ blah blah blah. Guys! All lecturers will mark scripts INDISCRIMINATELY!! So they all take a uniform position. Even if there is ever controversy they know how to resolve it. So learn from each other but don’t think you campus gives you an edge, resolve disputes by asking your lecturers questions. (I’m looking at you people from that campus situated on an island and the other one close to a certain ASO rock 😏😏😏😜)

Don’t totally abandon the court and chambers: Let’s not lie, some principals don’t send. They’ve been there before and they know you have to read, so they give you free hand. You know what, try to go to the court/office, once in a while. Apart from the fact that you won’t have anything to fill in log book, you could pick somethings from them. Ask questions too, look at precedents.

Do flex: Small o, just small oo! (Me I finished a 6 season movie during externship) Anyway according to your capability sha. You know what is at stake. But don’t overwhelm yourself, all work and no play…

Don’t forget thy logbook: don’t ask me how, just fill it 😏, because it is your duty! And by the way if people from other campuses have different methods just stick to the one you were taught in your campus. You will face a panel of your own lecturers so stop stressing yourself. 

Do anticipate thy call to Bar: by faith, believe in yourself do your best and leave the rest to God. Banish all fears and stay focused. 

You will succeed! 

Thanks for reading … and sharing o!!! 


2 thoughts on “Happy Externship!!!

  1. “Do flex: Small o, just small oo! (Me I finished a 6 season movie during externship) Anyway according to your capability sha. You know what is at stake. But don’t overwhelm yourself, all work and no play…”

    I remember one fight in 500 level related to some thing like this . Lol.


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