Hi there!

My name is Moyo Omidiran and I am a 2015/2016 Nigerian Law School graduate. I’m sure you have heard a lot of things about the Nigerian Law School and how rigorous and demanding it is. In response to that I will say it IS a full time school and as you must have noted from the various forms you filled (letter of release from current employers and all), they want all your attention to be focused on learning throughout the time you are in the law school. That being said, if you get into the system and take advantage of everything at your disposal you wont just be surviving law school, you are sure to get great results

Here you will find tips and tricks to aid your reading. Hopefully with what you gather here you will read smartly and with better focus. No man is an island of knowledge, I hope we can interact and I can help with your question as you field them to me. After all is said and done, I implore you to enjoy every bit of law school!


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