First things first

So you have probably had your orientation course and are familiar with the whole set up. Below are a few things I believe you should have at the back of your mind:

  1. Stick to the curriculum: Seriously, this is nothing like uni days where you read wide and hard, not knowing what angle the lecturers will strike. If you don’t right now have a copy of the scheme of work or syllabus, get one from the lecturers (I don’t believe they will hoard such information if you ask courteously). In your advance reading, in your past question solving, SAVE YOURSELF LONG STORY AND STICK TO THE CURRICULUM.
  1. Stick to what your lecturers tell you: The lecturers themselves will most likely hammer on this, but I’m hoping it will mean something more coming from someone who was in your shoes 12 months ago. So even if a textbook is written by a law school lecturer; once it is saying something the lecturers are not agreeing with, discard the author’s opinion on that point. In fact if I ever say something inconsistent with what you are taught do not listen to me and please don’t leave me in my ignorance, call me out on it. Thanks in advance 🙂
  1. Practice your drafts: ladies and gentlemen, I was told that there once was a course in law school called legal drafting. That course is no more, but its memory still remains. It is embedded in ALL five courses and it is inevitable in all 5 papers. So I suggest a checklist (if you are a task master like me). You may group it under the different courses or alphabetically, but just compile the list as you go. From time to time (weekly is ideal but like they say at all at all na im bad pass), study the draft, the basic message you are supposed to pass across and then close your books and attempt. Do this several times. (More on drafts in subsequent posts)
  1. Go for classes: Please, I know you were the don in school and you used to make all those As without going for classes, but law school is a professional school, you have to imprint lessons on your memory, not everything is reading or cramming. There are things you will hear in class that will keep you sane and secure, even as you read materials and sit through that effiwe’s constant arguments. Just to reiterate numbers 1 and 2, if a first class student from your uni says something different from what lecturers say, stick to your lecturers!!
  1. Read: This point should not come as a surprise. In fact forget first class or 2’1, Shebi you said you want to be a lawyer, oya go ahead and learn the work you came to learn. It is also good to read from the beginning as you go, so that you won’t be overwhelmed when it’s exam time.

I wish you all the best!! ❤


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