Sale of Land

When we speak of the sale of land in the property law practice sense, we are referring to the contract entered into before the deed is drafted and executed. This is a safeguard document, the parties can fight all the fight, make all the amendments they want to make before things get permanent. The contract […]

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  First of all, no don’t go down low, some people say I leased my property while others say I rented my property. Both are right, but as a legal somebody, you ought to know that leases are above 3 years while tenancies are 3 years and below. Now that that is out of the […]

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There is nothing to drafting an affidavit. It is basically you relaying the facts within your knowledge. But you have to get a person to do it. This person must be: Competent – take your mind back to Evidence law in Uni, remember everything you learnt about competency of a witness, it applies here. (We […]

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Default and Summary Judgement

Law suits can go on forever, now that you are on court externship, you’ll see cases that have been instituted as far back as 2009. This is 2017. The court rules provide for quick ways in which the claimant/plaintiff can get judgment while the defendant is forming unlooking, among other things. Default judgement: First off […]

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Charge and bail lawyer?

You will agree with me that the title is one of the most demeaning jabs at lawyers, I think people consider it the lowest of the lowest rung of legal work. I believe what is so unappealing about it is the rampant frolicking with law enforcement officials, the over-familiarity with magistrate court officials, the fact […]

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Happy Externship!!!

I guess I’m late with this but YAAAAYYY! For me externship was a much needed break from the non-stop classes. I had the time to rest (yes, it’s okay to do this) read and revise. I also found it very eye-opening. Trust me, during this 3-month period you’ll see why they say ‘experience is the […]

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